You could be the next face of LoveTokki! We’re looking for fashionistas to represent our brand by modeling for us, promoting with us, and by adding depth and creativity to our website and products. 
Some important things before you apply:
  • If you're under 18 years old, parent permission is required prior to your application.
  • ... Aside from that, anyone can apply! 
  • With your application, feel free to submit as many photos as you'd like.
  • Be sure to only send us photos of you that look professional and high quality- we need to see that you have the ability to take storefront photos.
  • There is currently no deadline for the application, we will continue the recruit until we no longer need extra services. So until we announce an upcoming deadline, don't feel rushed to get your application in. 
  • There is no social media follower requirement for this contest. For sponsorships, please see our affiliate program.
  • Be sure to be following us on the social media platform you're using before you apply.
  • Bonus points if your application photos feature LoveTokki products! 
    How to apply.......
    Repost our original picture and include the hashtag #lovetokkirecruitme so we'll see. Email us at with photos of you and include your Instagram username (Please do not send us photos via direct message on Instagram).
    Reblog our original post so we know you're interested. Send us fan mail with links to photos of you, or email them to us at (please include your blog URL in your email). 
    What will happen after you apply:
    • If you email us your photos, we'll send you a confirmation email within a week to notify you that we've received your application. If you send us photos on Tumblr, we'll message you back to let you know that we've received your application. 
    • If you're chosen, we'll follow up with a second email to notify you. 
    • Rep recruits will choose a couple products to model and promote, and once we receive the photos, they'll be posted on our site and social media.
    • Rep recruits keep everything they model- woohoo! 
    • This partnership is most times a one-time thing so we can accommodate as many qualified applicants as possible, but we do make exceptions for recruits that provide exceptional results.