Our Philosophy

The cultures of Southeast Asian countries are beautiful in their diversity, their depth, and their evolution. Unfortunately, they are also often misunderstood and under-appreciated by the Western world. Fashion has always been an integral part of cultures around the world, so we seek to promote worldwide understanding and acceptance of Southeast Asian culture through popularizing its unique fashion trends. At LoveTokki, you’ll find the latest clothing commodities from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea- amongst many other trends, we find inspiration in the quirky, creepy, and lolita fashion of Harajuku, in the pop music culture and currently trending minimalist aesthetics of Korea, and in the cute and the classy fashion sense that can be found in Taiwan and China. Our mission doesn’t just stop at cute clothes- in integrating the current fashion of Southeast Asian countries into the worldview, we’re seeking to raise awareness of the diverse cultures of these countries.